Andy Murray celebrated victory in the doubles at Queen’s by showing his latest title to his daughter — who was unimpressed by his triumph.

The 32-year-old took a significant step on his road to recovery when alongside Feliciano Lopez he lifted the doubles title on Sunday just months after fearing his career was at an end.

Murray is suffering from a tight back as he adjusts to his increased level of activity and intensity, but he achieved one of his few remaining ambitions, even if his three-year-old daughter Sophia Olivia did not respond to him doing so as he may have hoped.

Murray admits his daughter was less enthralled than the public
Murray admits his daughter was less enthralled than the public (Steven Paston/PA)

The prospect of sharing his success with his two daughters had driven Murray to return from his career-threatening hip injury — his last singles title came in Dubai in February 2017 when Sophia Olivia was too young to recognise his achievement and Edie had not even been born.

Murray joined Lopez in a Spanish restaurant in London as they celebrated their silverware — something he later showed to his eldest daughter, who unlike so many of his compatriots was unconvinced.

“It was more a plate we got given to take home,” he said. “Unfortunately she wasn’t particularly interested.

“I think she obviously understands, you know, a little bit more about kind of what it is I do and, which is nice for me.

“We went to dinner close to Queen’s. It was good; Feli was on good form. It was nice. I was driving, so I was on cokes and water.

“My back’s just a bit stiff and sore. We had just a light practice (on Monday) and rested up and hopefully feel alright.

“I haven’t played a match in five months, and playing obviously doubles, which is new to me, playing three or four doubles matches in a couple of days anyway.

“Most players, when they come back from a big operation and haven’t played for five months, you’d expect to be a bit stiff and sore in a few places. But overall I’m really happy with how I feel.”

Murray will have a new doubles partner this week
Murray will have a new doubles partner this week (Steven Paston/PA)

Murray will continue his preparations for Wimbledon by playing doubles in Eastbourne with Brazil’s Marcelo Melo from Tuesday, where they have been drawn against top seeds Robert Farah and Juan Sebastian Caba.

“We hit for like 30, 40 minutes and then we chatted about the match and the thing that he likes to do on the court and the signals and how he likes to play,” the Scot revealed, having also joked about doing a bungee jump if he continues to win.

“I was anticipating we’d probably play a bit more; me and Feli were playing quite conventional doubles, and (Melo) expects a lot more moving around at the net. So that will be again a different sort of challenge, but it can also be very effective if done well.

“(I’ve previously) played a little bit of doubles with him. He’s good fun. Pretty laid-back guy. Hopefully we’ll do well.”