Ayr United have announced that further tickets will be released to Celtic fans for the friendly between the clubs later this month. 

The sides will meet on Friday, July 5 to officially open the new North Stand at Somerset Park, with the Scottish champions set to bring a strong team to South Ayrshire. 

Graeme Mathie, the Ayr managing director, issued an update to Honest Men supporters, explaining the reasoning for allocating further tickets to away fans.

He explained that with less than 1,200 home tickets sold so far, it made sense to increase the away allocation, including the use of the historic Somerset Road end.

He said: "We're going to have six thousand of one team and four thousand of another, and we are unlikely to get six thousand Ayr fans for this game. 

"We have a sold out away end in the Railway End and the West Enclosure, and just under 1,200 tickets sold for the home end. 

"It's important for us to make a decision, and that is if we keep Celtic support in current areas, then we are likely to be under capacity by somewhere between 2,500 and 3,000. 

"This equates to somewhere between £40-50,000 in income. I know the Somerset Road end is the historical home for Ayr United fans. 

"But when we are trying to be competitive as a football club, that money is a good level of starting player in the Scottish Championship. 

"That is why we've made the decision to release the Somerset Road end to Celtic fans, and we hope we can sell the remaining 4,000 tickets to Ayr United fans."

Mathie is urging Ayr fans to purchase tickets and show the team their support ahead of another competitive season in the Scottish Championship. 

He said: "We're delighted to bring an opponent that's going to generate a lot of interest and a big crowd for the game. 

"It's a historic moment in the history of the club and it's brilliant that Celtic are bringing their first team down."

Home end tickets can be bought at maineventtickets.store/event/ayr-united-v-celtic-home-tickets.