AYR United boss Lee Bullen says the club will make moves in the January transfer window - but only if it's the right thing to do.

The Somerset Park manager discussed The Honest Men's plans for the window which is set to open in the coming days.

The boss teased that moves may be on the cards, with "irons in the fire" - but he says the budget set for him before the season began means he'll need to offload players before any new ones come in the door.

He told the Advertiser: “If it’s the right thing to do then we’ll do it [sign players], but we as a football club have a budget to work to.

“We used up a fair bit of that budget at the beginning of the season, so it would be a case of player trading.

“I think it would be a case of getting players out before we can get players in, but that’s fine.

“I quite enjoy it. That’s the way we’ve got to work - we have to make quick decisions or difficult decisions sometimes if there are areas we feel we need to improve on.”

But the United manager remained coy on what, or who, exactly will be targeted.

Bullen continued: “As it stands at the moment we have irons in the fire, but that will all be dictated if players come to me and say 'I want to move on' or 'want to go out on loan'.

“That frees areas up, and a few pennies up as well.

“There's nothing specific at the moment - I’m just delighted to get virtually all the injured players back to full training.

“If we get everybody on the training pitch, then that gives me problems for picking a squad, never mind a starting 11 - and we’re in a much stronger place.”

However, Bullen did admit that any moves during the window aren't likely to be permanent signings.

"“It’s mainly a loan market one, looking around and seeing what’s available," he said.

“You don’t often get many free agents that are still free and available in January.

“We obviously don’t have the finance to go out and buy players, so what we’ll do is probably scour the loan market to see what’s available – unless there is a team which just wants to move somebody on.

“Then we can do a deal of some sort that is maybe a free signing, with a view to receiving a sell-on [fee] – but that’s unlikely.”