Craigmark Burntonians player manager Ryan Caddis has applauded his players for buying into his attacking play style, as they beat Saltcoats Victoria 6-1 at the weekend.

The Mark went into the Conference A clash off the back of scoring six goals the previous weekend in their 6-2 win over Glasgow University a fortnight ago.

They repeated the feat for the second weekend in a row at Station Park as they hit Vic’s for six.

Doubles from Caddis, Kevin Adam and Kieron McCrum ruled out George Thomson’s penalty to move Craigmark to fourth in the table.

Speaking to the Advertiser, Caddis said: “We are trying to be a possession based side and score a lot of goals.

“Which we have done most weeks to be fair against the majority of sides we have played.

“We have a certain style of play we want to play and we are forcing it upon the players.

“They are taking it on board and have been absolutely tremendous to be fair.

“We know at times we are going to give away chance because we are open at times but I have been told how to play the game for years now it is my turn.”