The new Girvan FC manager Matt Maley says the fantastic structuring of the club allured him into the Hamilton Park hotseat.

Maley left fellow West of Scotland Football League (WoSFL) side Annbank United last month, having pushed the bankies to top of the table of Conference A before the null and void verdict.

However, he was not out of management long as he quickly snapped up the empty position at Girvan to steer the club through their first season in the WoSFL.

Maley said: “Girvan has always been a reputable club, that is known to be well run, and with the next move I made it was important I had the right club with the right structure.

“When I had the opportunity to speak to Girvan, I was really impressed with the journey that they are wanting to go on.

“They are also a club that are very involved with the local community and from all the work that they have done in the background, it was just inspiring to be asked to be a part of that going forward. “

Moving forward there is a lot to be done with pre-season needing to be arranged around current COVID-19 restrictions and the proposed start date for next season July 17.

Despite only landing the job last week Maley says he already has pre-season preparations in full swing.

He said: “I think you have to start pencilling things in, my plan is on May 22 to have groups of players in at the park and introducing ourselves face to face.

“We are starting to arrange some pre-season friendlies as well, our first one is on June 19 away to Glenafton. “

Alongside Maley’s arrival last week the club also announced a hat-trick of player signings too, these being Alan Orr, Grant Richmond and Martyn Brown.

All these players were formerly of Annbank, with Maley saying he wanted to sign players he trusted to add something special to the squad.

He said: “Whilst we still have a strong squad at Girvan, it was important that I had the right players with the correct mindset to take what we had at Annbank into Girvan.”