The future of golf in South Ayrshire could face a radical shake-up.

The council have formed a working group of politicians and officials to consider how its eight golf courses will operate going forward.

The recent South Ayrshire Council Leadership Panel appointed councillors Siobhian Brown, SNP,  Independent Brian Connolly, Labour’s Philip Saxton and Tory Bob Pollock to the group.

A paper presented to the panel said they will look at investment in course maintenance and improvements, a ‘future operating model’ and prices.

Also under review will be rights of access to courses, partnerships between golf clubs and the council and environmental sustainability.

The group will make recommendations, which will be put in front of the panel on May 25.

The Leadership Panel paper said: “A golf strategy would be developed which would set out a range of options for the future delivery of golf in South Ayrshire.”

It added: “It is proposed that a short term member and officer working group is set up to consider the council’s proposed golf strategy.”

The council runs golf courses in Ayr, Troon, Girvan and Maybole. 

There have been controversial plans to build a golf academy in Ayr – which would run across Belleisle and a chunk of the Old Racecourse. 

Funding was being sought from Sportscotland among others to help pay for the bid. 

But objectors voiced concerns about losing open space on the Old Racecourse, which is popular for football and dog walking.