Ayr United have announced their new chairman and owner after Lachlan Cameron stepped down.

David Smith, who was vice chairman, has agreed a deal with Mr Cameron which sees him take the helm with immediate effect.

Mr Smith is currently the managing director and majority shareholder of Ashleigh Building and has been a lifelong Ayr supporter.

Speaking after his appointment he said : “It is a huge honour to be the owner of the club I have supported my entire life. Since joining the board I have been heavily involved and this seems like a natural step.

“I would like to thank Lachlan not only for everything that he and his family have done for Ayr United but also for how seamless he made the negotiations. Lachlan has written off a huge amount in loans to the club and we are now in a really good place to move forward.”

Mr Cameron became managing director in 2005 and had been chairman of the club since 2008 and presided over three play-off victories against Airdrie, Brechin and Stranraer.

Most importantly though was bringing the first trophy to Somerset Park in 30 years with the League One title being won on a dramatic day in April 2018.

Mr Cameron said: “My father got involved here in the late 80s and it has been in my blood ever since my first game at Somerset.

“It has been a great pleasure to be involved at the football club over the last many years as a director and an even greater honour to be chairman of this wonderful club.

“When I became chairman and majority shareholder, I realised what an enormous responsibility it was to become a custodian for a club that means so much to the local community.

“We aren’t just a football club playing for the enjoyment of spectators, we are the provider of so much more and I firmly believe that Ayr United are one of the top clubs in Scotland in bringing a benefit to the community.

“I have long said that I didn’t think the club could be run properly by me when I am living so far away but that I wouldn’t pass it on to someone who I didn’t believe had the club’s best interests at heart. I believe that David is the person best suited to take our club over and will be an excellent custodian.”