LONG-serving Gordon Burns has quit as Troon manager following a decade with the Portland Park club.
He said in a statement today: "After much thought and careful consideration I have decided to bring my time at Troon FC to an end.
"It has not been an easy decision to make and one I've not taken lightly as I have been at my home town club for 10 years as a player right through to manager and it has been a privilege and honour to do so and anyone who knows me knows how much the club means to me.

"I have had a great 10 years at the club and loved being part of the journey the club has been on and the good times far out weigh the bad times and I leave with many happy memories. However, my personal circumstances have changed quite considerably over the last two to three years and I can no longer justify giving the time required to be manager as I need to put my son Kai and my own life first.

"The club have been very understanding and as much as they wanted me to stay they fully understand my decision. I am absolutely gutted that my last season ended in relegation and no one is hurting more than me but I'd like to make it clear my decision to leave has nothing to do with relegation or results.

"I have met a lot of great people over the years and there are too many to mention and thank individually however I'd like to thank my coaching staff past and present, all the players I played with and worked with, all the committee members during my time at the club and all the fans for their support throughout my time at the club. I'd also like to mention Michael O'Neil, who brought me to the club 10 years ago and made me club captain and John Redmond who brought me into his coaching staff and has always been there for advice.

"Finally, and most importantly, I'd like to thank Jim & Jimmy Kirkwood. They gave me the opportunity to manage my hometown club, and for that I'll be forever grateful.

"Without them, Troon FC might not have been here as they have lifted the club out the gutter to where it is today. The amount of time, effort and money they have invested in the club is the reason we have been so successful over the years and the reason we have such great facilities and I'm sure the club will bounce back from relegation and go from strength to strength and get back to the Premier League where they belong.
"I wish Jim and Jimmy, and everyone involved with the club, all the best going forward."