Scotland is no stranger to famous haunts and the occasional ghost story, with hundreds of spots up and down the country boasting some of the scariest in the world.

Whether you plan on exploring Mary King's Close or find yourself in the heart of an old manor, there is a lot to go and see.

With October well underway and Halloween drawing closer, we have rounded up some of the most haunted spots across Scotland.

Scotland's most haunted places to visit this Halloween month

Here are some of the spookiest and most haunted locations across Scotland that are not for the faint of heart this Halloween season.

Rosslyn Chapel and Rosslyn Castle - Midlothian

The 500-year-old chapel is well-known for its ancient crypt which has been sealed off from the outside world for a great many years.

This has fuelled rumours that a greater subterranean network of vaults exists under the holy site with some believing this to contain the mummified head of Jesus Christ and even the Holy Grail.

Strongly linked to the chapel is Rosslyn Castle which is said to be haunted by a Black Knight which has allegedly been spotted by motorists nearby.

While there is no story to suggest who the figure is, according to Mysterious Britain, many believe it to be a man killed in battle in 1306.

Mary King's Close - Edinburgh 

Perhaps one of the most infamous spots in Edinburgh, Mary King's Close has a reputation for its many hauntings which have apparently occurred since the 17th Century.

Several paranormal investigations have taken place here with recent assessments suggesting that due to the secretion of biogas from the nearby old Nor Loch (a stagnant and highly polluted marsh), many residents may have been suffering from hallucinations.

Ayr Advertiser: The word Necropolis translates to 'city of the dead' (Getty)The word Necropolis translates to 'city of the dead' (Getty) (Image: Getty)

The Necropolis - Glasgow

Overlooking the city of Glasgow, the Necropolis is home to some fifty thousand individuals who have long since passed away.

From merchants to Lord Provosts, the nearly 200-year-old cemetery is the city's most iconic and has a name to match it ('City of the Dead').

One of the most famous stories from the Necropolis is that of The Gorbals Vampire.

In 1954, school children from the Gorbals descended on the graveyard to hunt for a terrible 7-foot-tall vampire with iron teeth that was said to have kidnapped two young boys. This hysteria continued for days before interest waned.

Ma Cameron's - Aberdeen 


This cosy pub just off Aberdeen's Belmont Street dates back 300 years and has its very own resident ghost, according to Visit Aberdeenshire.

Those who have worked in the city's oldest pub over the years have reported an eerie presence and a feeling that they are being watched.

Among the spookiest occurrences is the claim by some that they have witnessed the beer tap turn on when no one else is around.

Skaill House - Orkney

Built on a site that has been occupied by humans for some 5,000 years, Skaill House is a place where many have claimed to witness ghostly activities.

One such story came from Major Malcolm Macrae whose dog began scratching and whining at the door when the noise of footsteps could be heard in the hallway.

His dog then began to hide before he opened the door only to be greeted by nothing.

The same incident occurred again not long after when a relative visited the property.