A PILOT was forced to abandon a landing at Glasgow Airport after another plane was seen going the wrong way up the runway.

The British Airways flight from London City was due to land shortly before 5pm on September 12 when the small aircraft was seen heading in its direction, Glasgow Live reports.

It is understood that the aircraft was immediately ordered by air traffic controllers to cancel take-off.

Satellite imagery on Flightradar24 shows the plane heading towards the airport before doing a loop around.

This is known as a go-around and is a standard procedure which does not affect the safety of those on board.

The aircraft later returned to the runway after it was confirmed to be safe to do so. 

A video from the incident, also recorded by Flightradar24, shows the smaller aircraft heading the wrong way down the runway before making a sudden turn.

British Airways confirmed that the flight landed safely and that passengers disembarked as normal.

A spokesperson for NATS said: "On September 12, a commercial aircraft inbound to Glasgow Airport performed a ‘go-around’, a standard operational procedure. Safety was not compromised.”

Glasgow Airport confirmed that they had been made aware of the incident and that it is being reviewed. 

A spokesperson for the airport said: "We are aware of the incident and as is standard procedure in a situation like this, a review is currently being carried out.

"It is important to note that at no point was the safety of our operation compromised.”