BBC viewers can look forward to a second series of The Traitors in the new year with Claudia Winkleman returning as the host.

During the first series, players were made secret traitors and were tasked with “murdering” faithful contestants, while the latter had to root out the traitors and “banish” them.

Five finalists were reduced to the last three who split the £100,000 prize between them.

In the first trailer for season two, Winkleman promised an “ultimate game of treachery for a life-changing cash prize”.

What happened in series one of The Traitors?

Spoilers ahead…

In the first series, three of the ‘faithfuls’ prevailed, managing to root out the three ‘traitors’ during roundtable discussions over the course of 12 episodes.

Aaron, Hannah and Meryl shared the £101,050 prize pot earned by completing team tasks along the way.

Speaking at an event in May, executive producer Toni Ireland said “the game’s going to be different” for season two.

So viewers can expect some twists and turns along the way but one thing’s for certain: it’s going to involve a lot of barefaced lies.

How to watch series two of The Traitors

Last year Winkleman (51-years-old) won the Bafta for best entertainment performance while the show won best reality and constructed factual programme.

In 2024, 22 contestants will battle it out at a Scottish castle in the psychological game show that gripped viewers last year.

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The faithfuls will be tasked with finding out who the traitors are but the traitors will do everything they can to hide their identity.

The first episode of the new series will be available to watch on Wednesday, January 3 on BBC One and BBC iPlayer at 9pm.

The second episode will air on Thursday, January 4 and the third will air on Friday, January 5.

However, once the first episode has aired, episode two and three will be available to watch immediately after on BBC iPlayer.

Other episodes will air on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights until the end of the series.