Martin Lewis has shared his 'top tip' to get your mortgage accepted by a bank.

In Tuesday's episode of Martin Lewis' The Money Show (February 7), the Money Saving Expert founder discussed rising mortgage rates and ways to overcome them.

Later in the show, Martin Lewis revealed one easy way to increase the chances that your mortgage is accepted by the bank.

In the popular ITV finance show, he told viewers that they should follow a step-by-step process when hunting for a new mortgage and shared one way to improve their chances of being accepted for one.

Martin Lewis' 'top tip' for getting your mortgage accepted by the bank

The one handy tip recommended by Mr Lewis was to put £100 more than you have to on your deposit.

Lewis told fans that this can get them a better rate and increase the chances they will be accepted.

In the show, he turned to one of the guest experts to ask his thoughts on the tip with the expert saying that this has worked in the past.

The financial journalist reasoned that mortgages are typically cheaper to get the higher the amount of money put up-front.

However, he added that putting up more than you have to is a lesser-known trick that could increase your chances of mortgage acceptance as underwriters are less likely to see you as 'scraping by'.

Money Saving Expert's Ultimate Mortgage Calculator 

Martin Lewis's site Money Saving Expert has developed a quick and easy way to see how much mortgage deals will set you back in the long run.

With the amount you pay over a few decades obscured because of a number of factors, there is now one easy way to see the full cost of your mortgage and what the best deals are.

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The Money Show airs every Tuesday from 8 pm on ITV1, STV and ITVX.