Over 100,000 civil servant staff are to go on strike on Budget Day amid a rapidly escalating dispute over pay, pensions and job security.

The PCS union, which represents a number of civil servant workers across the UK, announced a new strike date of March 15, the day when Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is due to unveil his budget.

This follows a strike last week that saw hundreds of thousands of staff from 123 government departments walk out across England, Wales and Scotland.

The Union has warned that next month's industrial action could be joined by a further 33,000 members from 10 other employers.

This could include HMRC, whose ballots results are due to be announced on February 28.

PCS union announces major strike action amid a dispute over pay, pensions and job security

The Public and Commerical Services Union announced the action on Tuesday, saying that there would be targeted action in areas including Border Force, DVLA, DVSA, DWP and Rural Payments Agency.

The union said, in a statement: "Our national executive today agreed the escalation of targeted action and the latest walkout of all civil service members on 15 March in response to the lack of movement from the government on our demands on pay, pensions and job security.

"Our strategy calls sustained action in targeted areas where we can exert significant pressure on the employer, supplemented by all-member action called when its effect can be maximised.

PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka added: “Rishi Sunak doesn’t seem to understand that the more he ignores our members’ demands for a pay rise to get them through the cost-of-living crisis, the more angry and more determined he makes them.

“PCS members are suffering a completely unacceptable decline in their pay.

“By April, one third of HMRC staff, for example, will be earning just the minimum wage, and 40,000 civil servants have used a food bank.

“It’s an appalling way for the Government to treat its own workforce.

“Rishi Sunak can end this dispute tomorrow if he puts more money on the table. If he refuses to do that, more action is inevitable.”