Experts have uncovered viral TikTok clothing hacks that could save you money and make your beloved fashion items last longer.

This comes as spending on clothes has slumped to a new low because of the cost of living crisis affecting households across the UK.

Research by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) revealed that spending on clothes was roughly 61% lower than the average pre-pandemic spending.

It was also found by Deloitte Consumer Tracker that the amount we spend on footwear is also down by 14%.

Ayr Advertiser: (Canva) Cloth spending is 61% lower than pre pandemic levels(Canva) Cloth spending is 61% lower than pre pandemic levels (Image: Canva)

There is now more demand for our clothes to last longer as we try and make the most of the items we have instead of buying new ones.

With this said, here are the viral TikTok hacks revealed by the experts over at Chums that could make your clothes last longer.

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7 ways to make your clothes last longer according to TikTok

Ways to make your clothes last longer:

1. Redying your faded clothes

Wear and tear, exposure to sunlight and hundreds of trips to the washing machine can lead to your clothes fading over time.

However, rather than ditching them when they become too dull, TikTok users are suggesting you give them a new lease of life by re-dying them.

You can pick up the dye for as little as £3 online and this works on anything from jeans to trainers.

2. Painting over stains

Mixing fabric softener with acrylic paint can make the paint more flexible and soft, allowing you to apply it to impossible-remove-stains according to TikTok users.

3. Tighten loose parts

Rather than throwing away old jeans when they become too loose, TikTok recommends that you tighten loose trousers using concealed strings.

To do this, you need to cut two holes on the inside of your waistband (front).

Once you've done this, thread a shoelace between the two holes and use this as a fastening mechanism.

Ayr Advertiser: (Canva) Painting over stains is one way to make your clothes last longer according to TikTok users(Canva) Painting over stains is one way to make your clothes last longer according to TikTok users (Image: Canva)

4. Learn basic sewing skills 

Getting to grips with basic sewing can save you a lot of hassle and money.

Luckily, there are tonnes of tutorials on TikTok to help you learn this skill.

5. Double your wardrobe for FREE

By using a bit of creativity, you can achieve multiple looks with the same wardrobe of clothes.

This can increase the versatility of your clothes, saving you from buying new ones.

6. Buying clothes with multiple functions

Having multiple uses for your clothes can go a long way in saving on clothing.

Clothes that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion are a great way to do this.

Such clothes could include chinos which can be paired with a t-shirt or dress shirt.

7. Try swishing

'Swishing' or exchanging clothes with others can be another way to keep bills low while also trying out new looks.

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