If there's one thing that Brits are well known for, it's their love for alcoholic beverages. 

From pints to cocktails, we all have our favourite drink that we enjoy on a night out. 

But more often than not we enjoy too many and wake up the next day with the dreaded hangover. 

In a bid to cure the result of late-night drinking, many will cook up a beloved fry-up. 

The classic dish has all the components to make you feel better, from sausages, bacon, toast, egg, beans and all other personal extras. 

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But, it turns out the sacred fry-up might not be as good of a cure as we wish to believe. 

As a GP has shared that eating a fry-up on a hangover can actually make you feel worse.

Here's why you shouldn't eat a fry-up when hungover

Experts at Spire Healthcare shared that you should "Avoid foods that will be harder for your body to digest eg dairy products, refined sugar and fatty meat" when hungover.

Sharing that you should instead hydrate yourself by drinking water or eating food with lots of electrolytes, with bananas, avocados, nuts and sweet potatoes all being good sources. 

With a fry-up not helping your hangover, the experts say that you should instead eat fresh fruits, vegetables, soups and broth.

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So while a fry-up might seem like the only answer to helping cure a hangover, you might want to try a more hydrating solution. 

Dr Jatindar Thompson, a GP at Spire Gatwick Park Hospital, said: "A common myth persists that eating greasy food after drinking alcohol helps absorb the alcohol from your system, easing hangover symptoms.

"Unfortunately, this isn’t true; any alcohol you drank will already have entered your bloodstream."