Just one potential UFO sighting was reported across Ayrshire in the past two years. 

UFO Identified has created a list of towns and cities throughout the UK where sightings have been reported in 2023 and 2024. 

One such sighting was reported in West Kilbride on September 8, 2023.

The North Ayrshire village has previously been described as the 'UFO capital of Scotland'.

This sighting is described on the list as a "very strange black cube high up in the sky above the witnesses' house, moved as if it was tumbling then disappeared into clouds".

Locals had previously reported a sighting back in 2009, which made the news at the time.

Witnesses spoke about their astonishment at the surreal sightings which occurred on Sunday, August 2 between 10-10.30pm in a case which could have come out of “The X Files”.

One elderly couple in Fullarton Drive gathered in their loft and were amazed to see the lights form into the shape of a circle before vanishing without trace, and contacted the police regarding the situation.

Another eye-witness Marion Neill, 40, admitted that she was gobsmacked at the unidentified flying objects.

She said: “It was weird. I was in the Main Street just outside the Key Store at bang on 10pm and my friend’s son Jack was also in the area with his friend. They couldn’t believe it either."