A TROON man has narrowly avoided a custodial sentence after being caught in possession of a class A drug.

Jordan Johnstone had cocaine worth £1,200 in his possession when he was stopped on the A71 in Irvine earlier this year.

Johnstone was sentenced at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court on Wednesday, June 19, after pleading guilty to three drugs charges.

He admitted possession of cannabis, driving under the influence of benzoylecgonine - the major metabolite of cocaine - and being in possession of cocaine with the intent to supply it to another or others.

The court was told that at around 3.30pm on January 13, police on mobile patrol spotted Johnstone's vehicle in front of them and signalled it to pull over.

The 34-year-old did so and got out of the car before closing the door quickly behind him.

But officers noticed a smell of cannabis and asked him to provide a specimen of saliva.

When analysed the specimen showed the proportion of benzoylecgonine in his blood was 120 microgrammes per litre of blood, more than double the legal limit of 50 microgrammes.


Nothing was found when police carried out a body search, but when they looked inside Johnstone's vehicle they found a sock inside the passenger glove box, containing 18 grams of cocaine.

No estimate was provided by police for the street value of the drug, but Johnstone's solicitor said his client had told him the haul was worth around £1,200.


Officers also found two quantities of cannabis and two sets of scales in the front passenger footwell.

Johnstone, of Garry Place in Troon, was cautioned and charged before being taken to Saltcoats police station.

During an interview he told police the drug had been bought ahead of a party that evening.

Defence solicitor Colin Adam said it was a "social supply" of cocaine which had been purchased ahead of a "poker party".

Mr Adam said Johnstone and his friends had all chipped in to buy the drug "for the group", with Johnstone the one who had gone to buy and collect it.

“He will be sorry he did that," Mr Adam added. 

"It could have been anyone in the group that did that.”

Mr Adam said the cannabis was purely for Johnstone's own use.

He continued: “[This incident] has scared him away from using any drugs of any kind.

“It was not behaviour condoned by his long-term partner and parents. They were not impressed with his involvement.

“He has shown genuine remorse and regret for his actions."

Sheriff Shirley McKenna told Johnstone: “Hopefully this has put an end to you taking drugs and buying drugs.

“You know that this is a matter that you could go to jail for.”

As a direct alternative to prison, Johnstone was handed a 'restriction of liberty order' requiring him to stay at home between 7pm and 6am every night for 15 weeks.

He was also ordered to complete 100 hours of unpaid work within 12 months and was banned from holding or obtaining a driving licence until June 2025.