Irvine indie band The Trashcan Sinatras are now the stars of a new radio documentary.

It comes a year after the re-release of their 1990 first album Cake returned to the UK album charts, hitting number six in the vinyl sales countdown.

The documentary was aired on Ireland's Radio Nova last weekend and is now available on

Back when it was originally released, Cake "barely bruised the charts", peaking at No 74. Bit it captured the hearts of a generation of indie fans.

The band have continued to record and perform consistently since their debut.

Last year, guitarist John Douglas told Ayrshire Weekly Press: "The Trashcan Sinatras all lived in or around Irvine - Castlepark, Bourtreehill or the old town itself. I used to live in Hunter Drive.

"We formed the band in Irvine in 1986 and our first album Cake came out in 1990. The band has lasted such a long time - and we're still going strong, even though two members now live in America."

The radio documentary by Ken Sweeney went live on air last Sunday at 9pm.

Ken has already produced successful documentaries on indie darlings REM, the Go-Betweens and the Blue Nile.

And he has a long standing relationship with the Irvine band, which dates back to the 90s when he performed in the band Brian.

He takes listeners to locations in the Trashcans history, including their studio Shabby Road in Kilmarnock, and shares their story through interviews memories and music, including acoustic performances by guitarist John, who recently released his own debut solo album.

John, who is married to Irvine singer Eddi Reader, said of their debut album Cake: "Everyone at the label worked really hard on it, and I remember there was disappointment when it didn't do anything in the charts.

"But it did well in America, and we were able to tour over there because of it."

Their success in the US kick-started a lengthy career for the band, who have retained the same core line-up - with John joined by vocalist Francis Reader, drummer Steven Douglas and guitarist Paul Livingston.

John added: "We all came from the same background and we've managed to keep that friendship going."