An Ayr shop has appealed for help as they say their staff are being terrorised by "little thugs" who pulled a machete.

Ayr Local, in High Street, posted footage online showing a group of youths acting aggressively in front of the shop, with one pulling out a machete. 

A spokesperson said: "These little thugs are terrorising our staff, they come all the time and steal stuff and when caught and asked to leave, they don’t leave. 

"Instead they try to become hard men and start spitting and swearing. Yesterday they were put out the store and then wouldn’t leave and kept coming back in so we had to throw them out and stand at the door to get them to leave.

"Instead they started spitting and one of them pulled out a machete and also smashed our door window. Horrible for our staff to deal with this everyday.

"The police have been called every day three days in a row now and are on the look out for them."

Police Scotland has been contacted for comment.