Troon Yacht Haven has announced the completion of a major connectivity upgrade across the site.

The works bring the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology to berths across the 16 acre marina, with the ability to handle a higher number of devices.

Most importantly, Wi-Fi 6 can deliver greater wi-fi coverage at faster speeds.

Troon Yacht Haven’s initial monitoring shows areas of the marina which previously only had download speeds of 5Mbps is now seeing speeds of up to 60Mbps.

This upgrade is complemented by 19 new access points across the marina, contributing to a major connectivity upgrade across the marina.

Stephen Bennie, marina director, said: “Investments like the rollout of the new Wi-Fi 6 comes from the feedback we had from our berth holders over recent years.

“We’ve seen an increase in the number of devices using our Wi-Fi service, along with a marked increase in data usage.

"Boat owners are changing the way they use their vessel and how they spend their time onboard; in many cases using it as a remote work station before or after a day on the water.

"So finding a solution to meet the requirements of modern day boaters was important to meet these changing demands and Wi-Fi 6 does exactly this.”

Troon Yacht Haven is looking forward to a busy summer, with one of the two ferries between Brodick and the mainland serving the port until the end of August and the Open golf championship coming to the town in July.

Demand for the marina and on-site facilities such The Salt Lodge hotel and Scotts Restaurant is expected to surge, with an additional 250,000 visitors expected to the town compared to a normal year.