An at-home childminder has been praised by parents following a recent watchdog report.

The Care Inspectorate carried out a visit to Carol Rowan Childminding Service in Drongan last month.

During the visit, inspectors spoke with children using the services, parents and guardians of those children, and staff and management.

Key messages from the report found that the childminder was committed to supporting children to learn through play.

It added that children's health and wellbeing needs were met well and that children were cared for in a loving, nurturing and respectful environment.

Ayr Advertiser: The report included great feedback from parents.The report included great feedback from parents. (Image: NQ Archive)

The service was graded with a 'very good' rating in two categories, and a 'good' rating in another two, with inspectors finding that strengths at the service far outweighed the negatives.

Carol Rowan's care, setting, staff and leadership were all commended in the report, with parents and guardians of the children there to lead the praise.

One parent told inspectors: "Carol is very accommodating and approachable. My child loves going."

Another added: "It's like a home from home for my child", whilst a third commented: "I wouldn't change a thing about the service."

A section of the report read that "the childminder was kind and caring which ensured children felt valued and loved.

"She recognised the importance of strong attachments, was nurturing in her approach and understood children's needs".

Children also provided feedback that they loved playing at the service and that "Carol is great".

The report concluded that there have been no complaints upheld since the last inspection, and that all previous areas for improvement had been met.