A fundraiser has been launched to help save the lives of a number of dogs allegedly rescued from a puppy farm in the Doon Valley.

Islay Dog Rescue, from the outskirts of Cumnock, said it was alerted to the dogs apparently being in an "unsuitable situation".

Ayrshire Drone Dog Rescue (ADDR), which operates across Ayrshire by aiming to reunite owners with their lost pets, also said its team had been made aware of the apparent "puppy farm" and that the Scottish SPCA had been informed of the situation.

The first case of the distressed dogs being mentioned appeared to be on Sunday evening (May 5).

Ayr Advertiser: Islay Dog Rescue has launched the fundraiser.Islay Dog Rescue has launched the fundraiser. (Image: Islay Dog Rescue)

But by the time the SSPCA had could intervene the following day, the dogs had been moved.

However, over the rest of May 6 and the morning of May 7, it is believed a total of 13 dogs were removed from the site.

Islay Dog Rescue says the animals now need extensive treatment for dental issues, vaccinations and matting problems.

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Islay Dog Rescue, which has been caring for the dogs, has now launched an online fundraiser to try and care for the dogs, with bills expected to rise to as much as £10,000.

But the charity has warned that some of the dogs it has rescued may not survive because they're in such a poor condition.

An initial target of £5,000 has been set, and more than £2,000 has been raised since the fundraiser went live on the morning of Wednesday, May 8.

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Lorraine Jardine, who runs Islay Dog Rescue, said: "When asked for help, we agreed without question, but their condition has rocked us back on our heels.

"All of the dogs need significant care. Most need extensive dental work carried out.

"The longer-haired dogs are incredibly matted and at least two may need veterinary intervention for us to even manage to get their mats off.

"Our aim is to save the lives of them all, but it's not guaranteed without significant veterinary support - and anybody with animals knows this is very expensive.

"This will cost a fortune; let's not be shy about it.

"I've set a target of £5,000 but one dog for dental/vax/spay etc could easily be £1,000 alone, so my £5,000 target is conservative to say the least."

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You can support the fundraiser by going to https://www.gofundme.com/f/the-patna-13.

The Patna 13 A few days ago I was asked to help 13 dogs who were in a poor situation. I immediately agreed. At this...

Posted by Islay Dog-Rescue on Wednesday 8 May 2024

The Scottish SPCA has been contacted for comment.