An Ayr bakery has revealed its plan to offer indoor seating to customers. 

They Bake run a popular store in Newmarket Street and opened a second premises in Prestwick earlier this year,

Concerns had been raised by customers over the future of the Ayr store, but owners Zoe Hunter and Amanda Rodgers have sought to clarify the situation. 

They have revealed works are underway to create a sit-in element to the Ayr store, which is taking time to complete. 

They explained: "The plan has always been to change the shop layout in Ayr to allow some indoor seating and to eventually offer all of the new bakes that we have introduced in Prestwick.

"As you can appreciate, we are only two people with a very small team and as much as we have exhausted ourselves over the last couple of months to make these changes happen as quick as possible, these things are just taking a bit of time to come together.

"We appreciate all of our lovely Ayr customers so much and have absolutely not forgotten about our Ayr shop!

"We are simply trying to keep a lot of plates spinning at the moment so please be patient with us until we can get Ayr shop to where we want it to be

"We appreciate every single customer whether that be in Ayr, Prestwick, wholesale, markets and online."