A newly-formed local band is set to perform its first gig supporting a famous 90s band.

Static Sky was set up around six months ago and consists of performers from Cumnock and Ayr.

Next month, the band will perform in support of Black Grape, a rock band formed in Salford in 1993, featuring former members of Happy Mondays and Ruthless Rap Assassins.

Headed up by former Happy Mondays star, Shaun Ryder, the band will be performing at Venue 38 in Ayr on Saturday, June 8.

Ayr Advertiser: Static Sky.Static Sky. (Image: Lyle “Beba” Dornan of LD Photography)

The local band is made of Marc James who is the lead singer, Cameron Costley the guitarist, Callum Agnew the bassist, Euan Agnew the drummer and Jamie Lowe the pianist.

Although the members all have some form of musical background, they can't hide the mixture of excitement and nervousness in the lead up to their first performance.

Frontman Marc James said: "It's great to be building up to our first show because we've been putting in a lot of work.

"We're really looking forward to this because it's out first gig and we're supporting Black Grape, so it should be a really good night."

Although Marc has a strong musical background, it doesn't stop him feeling the nerves building up to a performance.

Posted by Static Sky on Wednesday 20 March 2024

He added: "Although we've all done things like this, we're a wee bit nervous just with this being our first actual gig, but I'm sure once we get the first song or two out the way then we'll be fine.

"Venue 38 is a great bit as well, so we're hoping there will be a good crowd there.

"We've got some good things coming up because we've also got a single coming out on May 31, which is the week before our gig.

"So it will be a great week for us with the release and then supporting Black Grape, and then we'll look forward and getting bookings for the rest of the year."