People across the country are being urged to retune their televisions following the latest channel update by Freeview.

The update is set to bring some "important changes" to a number of channels.

These changes include the launch of two new channels, the closure of several others, and name alterations.

Freeview, on its website said: "On 24 April 2024 some broadcasters are making important changes to their channels.  

"You will need to retune to update your TV and keep your channels and TV Guide up to date."

What TV channels are changing in 'important' Freeview update?

The changes being made as part of the latest Freeview update are as follows:

Channel name changes (local channels)

  • Talk Birmingham changing to Birmingham TV (channel 7)
  • Talk Bristol to Bristol TV (7)
  • Talk Cardiff to Cardiff TV (8)
  • Talk Leeds to Leeds TV (7)
  • Talk Liverpool to Liverpool TV (7)
  • Talk North Wales to North Wales TV (8)
  • Talk Teesside to Teesside TV (7)
  • Talk Tyne & Wear to Tyne & Wear TV (7)

Channel moves

  • ITVBe+1 moving from channel 58 to 93
  • ITV3+1 from 59 to 58
  • ITV4+1 from 93 to 59

Channel launches​

  • Purpose Media - channel 293
  • Talk TV - channel 294

Changes in TV Licence fees over the years

Channel closures

  • Zee World - channel 278

Channel closures (radio)

  • Hits Radio - channel 711
  • Kiss Fresh - channel 712
  • Kiss - channel 713
  • Kisstory - channel 714
  • Magic - channel 715
  • Greatest Hits Radio - channel 716
  • Kerrang! - channel 717

How to retune your TV?

You will need to retune your TV to get all these new channel updates.

If you are unsure of how to retune your TV don't worry, it is quite simple, and usually only requires pressing 'retune' when prompted by your TV, according to Freeview.


Retuning may vary on different devices but in most cases, Freeview said, it can be done by following these steps:

  1. Press menu on your box or TV remote control
  2. Select ‘set-up’, ‘installation’, ‘update’ or a similar option. If you’re asked for a password, the default code is ‘1234’ or ‘0000’. 
  3. Select ‘first-time installation’ (sometimes called ‘factory reset’, ‘full retune’ or ‘default settings’).
  4. Press ‘OK’ if your equipment asks if it's OK to delete existing channels and then your retune should start automatically. If you’re prompted to, save the channels that are found. 

Freeview added: "If you've already done an automatic retune and this didn't work, you may need to do a manual retune."

If you are still unsure, you can watch Freeview's retune videos for more details (on the Freeview website).