Plans to erect an LED advertising board on a busy Ayr road have been given the green light. 

Add Vision applied to South Ayrshire Council for permission to install the electronic board at 157 Whitletts Road. 

It will be sited on the western elevation of a row of commercial buildings, including shops and takeaways. 

But the company will have to comply with a series of conditions around the screen's operation - including turning it off overnight.

The screen will be seven metres in width and four metres in height. 

No objections to the proposal were submitted, and the plan was approved by council officials.

However, a number of conditions were attached to the approval of the application. 

Planners have stated that: "the maximum level of illumination shall not exceed 600 candelas per square metre during daylight hours and 300 candelas per square metre at night time".

The conditions also state: "The approved display shall at all times incorporate a feature that will turn the screen off in the event that the display experiences a malfunction or error.

"No advertisement displayed shall contain moving images, animation, intermittent or full motion video images, or any images that resemble road signs or traffic signals.

"The hours of operation of the screen shall be limited to between the hours of 8am and 8pm."