School pupils in South Ayrshire will be able to compete with others in the area to win prizes using a brand new app.

As part of a wider partnership with Keep Scotland Beautiful and LitterLotto, South Ayrshire Council have launched an innovative LitterLotto League competition in schools to encourage pupils to bin their waste.

South Ayrshire Council are working alongside Aberdeen, Fife and Glasgow as one of four councils launching the pilot over the next 12 months.

LitterLotto is already available to anyone in South Ayrshire following its launch in March last year.

It is a free to enter prize draw that aims to help reduce litter through behavioural change, incentivising people to bin their litter responsibly.

To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is download the free LitterLotto app on your smartphone or device, and when you're out and about use the app to take a picture of you placing your litter in the bin. 

Each time you submit a new photo, you'll have another opportunity to win a prize.

Councillor Martin Kilbride, Portfolio Holder for Buildings, Housing and Environment, said: "LitterLotto is a fantastic initiative and I'm delighted that we're introducing the league in schools to help tackle the litter emergency.

"We were the first council in Scotland to join forces with Keep Scotland Beautiful and LitterLotto last year, and now we're also one of the first councils to bring in the school league.

"This demonstrates our commitment to improving our environment and promoting behaviour change across the authority."