Plans to build three new houses on land close to the border of East and South Ayrshire are still awaiting a decision from councillors.

Donna Kennedy Architecture and Design submitted plans to East Ayrshire Council (EAC) seeking permission to build three new homes at Purclewan Mill, between Dalrymple and Hollybush.

Eighteen public objections to the plans have been published on the local authority's website.

The application went before members of EAC's planning committee last week.

But councillors on the committee decided to make a visit to the site in person before coming to a final decision on whether to grant permission.

A previous application to develop the site had been turned down by the same committee in April 2023.



Despite the public's concern at the both the original plans and the new application, EAC officials had recommended that the revised application be approved, subject to planning conditions.

Ayr Advertiser: One of the proposed house types.One of the proposed house types. (Image: East Ayrshire Council)

The application seeks permission for three four-bedroom homes on the vacant land, but the plans came in for heavy criticism from locals.

Issues including problems with access roads, damage to wildlife and the environment, and a loss or privacy were all raised by objectors.

One objector said: "First and foremost, the proposed housing development presents a severe issue related to road access.

"The single road access currently serving the proposed location is already over-utilised and unsuitable for the increased traffic that this development would bring."

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Another added: "There are large numbers and varieties of wildlife in the area and woods adjacent to this field.

"The field acts as a safe buffer zone for them.

"There are regular sightings of bats, deer, hares, otters, badgers, buzzards, woodpeckers, swallows, and red kites amongst many others, all who use the area to breed and nest.

"This development would disrupt this safe area from the start of building."

In a report on the application, considered by the planning committee at a meeting on Friday, March 15, local authority officials said: "In principle, the development of three houses could constitute acceptable development at this location, if designed and sited appropriately, taking account of the scale, layout and characteristics of the Purclewan Mill cluster.

"It is considered that the revised design now achieves this by reducing the scale and height of the proposed dwellings, lowering the ground levels and by providing a more appropriately detailed design with traditional and contemporary elements within it.

"This is more sensitive to the traditional form and design of the buildings at Purclewan.

"On balance it is not considered that the material considerations are fully in support of the application, with regard to the objections received.

"However, it is considered that, on balance, these are not of sufficient weight to suggest refusal of the application, in light of the overall compliance with the terms of the development plan."

Councillor Jennifer Hogg, who represents the Doon Valley ward, where the site is located, tabled a motion for a site visit to be made before a decision is taken.

An amendment was also tabled recommending that a decision be made at the committee's meeting on March 15, but Cllr Hogg's motion won the day by six votes to four.

You can view the full application on the East Ayrshire Council website, by searching for application 23/0446/PP.