Proposals have been lodged to make alternations to a historic Troon building. 

The Municipal Buildings at South Beach were built around 1930, and are category B listed. 

South Ayrshire Council is planning to move the current public library in the town into the building to make way for the arrival of a nursery in the existing library. 

The upper floors of the property will remain as office space for South Ayrshire Council and council chambers.

The lower floor will remain as storage and service areas.

Minor alterations to the existing ramp will be made, with new signage to be erected showcasing the building as the new library.

The existing toilet facilities inside will be rearranged, with partitions moved to allow for a more open plan library space.

Planning documents state: "The planned repurposing of the office space will ensure that the library remains within close proximity to the current facility, reducing inconvenience for current users.

"This addition will also enhance the range of services available to the local residents of Troon at the Municipal Building.

"The unique charm of the building will be preserved and improved with the proposed changes, making it a suitable location for a new library resource."

Plans to move the Troon Early Years Centre into the town's library were given the green light by councillors late last year, despite pleas for a delay in making a final decision.

The authority's Labour group wanted to delay a decision, arguing that the best place for the EYC would be at Troon Primary School.

However, the vote saw 22 councillors in favour of the proposal and five against.