A BIKER who forced police to brake sharply when he overtook a car near Culzean has been hit in the pocket for his careless riding.

A court heard Christopher Jamieson had a “robust exchange of views” after the manoeuvre on the A719 last summer.

The 50-year-old had initially claimed he didn’t believe he’d forced cops to brake after he overtook a car around 500 metres south of the entrance to Culzean Castle on July 9.

The procurator fiscal depute told Ayr Sheriff Court: “At 3.30pm two police officers were travelling south in a police van while the accused was driving a silver BMW motorcycle north.  

“As he approached a right hand bend he overtook a motor car driving in front and this resulted in him being fully on the opposing carriageway in the middle of the bend.  

“Police officers observed the accused and the constable applied the brakes to avoid a head-on collision. 

“As the accused passed the police vehicle he lifted his right hand and nodded his head to officers.

"Officers were of the view he had acknowledged his driving and had apologised. 

“He was thereafter stopped and cautioned and charged. He stated ‘I don’t believe I made you brake’.

Jamieson’s solicitor said: “At the time he was cautioned and charged there was a robust exchange of views between Mr Jamison and the police.

"He didn't believe at the time he made them brake, but he does accept responsibility for that.

"He accepts inconvenience was caused. He accepts in hindsight the decision to overtake was not the best one he had ever made.

“The car he was overtaking was going at 30mph. He was overtaking within the speed limit.”

Jamieson, the court heard, had a clean driving record prior to the offence and worked full-time in wind turbine construction.

Jamieson, of Rosemount Gardens,  Prestwick, had his licence endorsed with four penalty points. 

Sheriff John Montgomery also fined him £520 in total – including a £20 payment to the Scottish Government victim surcharge fund.