AN AYR author will be discussing his latest novel at a free event in Alloway Library next week.

Don Panama's historical fiction book An Immaculate Illusion, which looks at the rise and fall of the Nazi regime, was released in January.

Don, who writes as D.A. Panama, has an in-depth knowledge of ancient history and military history. He has lectured on Mayan, Lenca and Pipil history in El Salvador and ancient history in Germany

He is now retired and lives in Ayr, and says the tranquillity of the region encouraged him to embark on his first book. And so, 'An Immaculate Illusion' was born.

Described as "historical fiction based very much on fact", it is the story of a group of mostly men, but some women, involved in the creation, actions and fall of the Third Reich.

Their hatred of one another and focus on self-glorification and acquisition meant that they had little or no regard for their peers. Backstabbing and treachery were a daily occurrence.

How did this travesty of a government make it as far as it did?

Hitler was a man with little intelligence, little education and no ability to lead or plan and yet this travesty of a government survived much longer than it should have.

In the book Don traces Hitler's steps from his lowly beginnings as a private in the German army to his death in 1945.

Don will discuss his work at the special event in Alloway Library on Wednesday, March 20, from 7-8.30pm.

While the event is free, booking is required by calling 01292 442395. Copies of the book will be available for purchase on the night.