A South Ayrshire primary school has been commended for its nurturing culture following a visit from education inspectors.

Sacred Heart Primary School in Girvan was given the praise in a report published on Tuesday, March 12.

Serving the local community, the primary school provides essential education for the young residents of the area.

Inspectors from Education Scotland said: "Relationships between all staff and children are underpinned by a nurturing culture.

"Children are polite, confident and work well with each other."

The school's focus on children's rights played a significant role in developing their pupils as 'confident and effective contributors', the watchdog said.

The staff, under the effective leadership of the head teacher, were noted for developing "consistent learning and teaching approaches," creating an engaging, stimulated learning environment across classrooms, shared spaces, and outdoor areas.

Inspectors found "children participate well in a wide range of clubs, committees, and groups," enabling them to build confidence and communication skills.

However, areas for improvement were discussed with the head teacher and a representative from South Ayrshire Council.

Inspectors found the school should ensure "all activities are well-matched to the needs of all learners" and that staff needed to further their understanding of national standards in writing.

These improvements are hoped to contribute to the school's goal of raising attainment in literacy, especially in the writing sector.

The inspectors said they were "confident that the school has the capacity to continue to improve," and said no further visits would be required in connection with this inspection.

South Ayrshire Council will keep parents informed of the school's progress under its arrangements for reporting the quality of its schools.

The full published letter is available on the Education Scotland website.