South Ayrshire Council are urging residents to be vigilant over scam calls purporting to be from the local authority. 

The scam caller says that locals can get a free boiler, and are asked to hand over personal details. 

The council is now reminding people that it would never ask for details over the phone, and that any similar calls should be reported. 

A spokesperson said: "A resident in Ayr recently reported concerns to Trading Standards about a call they received from a withheld number, claiming to be from South Ayrshire Council.

"The caller advised the resident that they were entitled to a free boiler and asked them to confirm personal information.

"South Ayrshire Council would never contact the public in this manner.

"If you receive unexpected calls of this nature, you should end the call and contact South Ayrshire Council on 0300 123 900 and ask to speak to the relevant department to check if the call is genuine."