Alloway Post Office has taken to social media to highlight an important message about child safety. 

The business is urging parents to let their children know that the post office is a safe place in the event of an incident when out and about. 

The message follows an incident last week when a youngster cycled from Ayr on their bike and had a puncture, causing him some distress. 

A spokesperson explained: "We encourage all parents to let their kids know if they have any issues to just make their way to Alloway Post Office.

"If you have children who are out and about on their own, possibly on their bikes, and they have a puncture or chain issues near to the shop and and are unable to get home please tell them they are perfectly welcome and safe to wait inside the shop until their parents or help arrives.

"Especially if it's dark or raining. Most kids do have mobile phones but batteries can run out."