Volunteer lifeboat crew from Girvan RNLI are set to take on a mammoth charity fundraiser later this year. 

On July 24, crew members will float on a life raft in Girvan harbour for 200 hours, finishing at 6.24pm on August 1.

The time 18:24pm coincides with the year that the RNLI was formed.

The raft will be manned continuously during that time, and the crew are urging the local community to get involved however they can. 

Ocean Safety, who supply the RNLI with life rafts, are kindly donating one for the fundraiser, and local school children will be aske to name the challenge. 

An RNLI spokesperson added: "There will be sponsor forms issued soon and we'd be grateful for your support on this challenge. 

"Any business wishing to be involved and sponsor us, we'd be delighted if you could get in touch."