Safety works at the Ayr Station Hotel are progressing with attention now turning to the section nearest the iconic clock tower.

The station was badly damaged by fire in September, the second at the hotel in four months after a previous incident in May.

Campaign groups and heritage have been demanding answers from South Ayrshire Council about what the plan is for the building - or what's left of it - moving forward.

In an update, South Ayrshire Council says that works on the current section will continue until around mid-March.

A spokesperson said: "Works are progressing at the former Station Hotel, and the contractor is now moving towards the section adjacent to the clock tower with the canopy below and the war memorial.

"Once they get to this part of the site, and due to the nature of the works there will be limited use of machinery.

"We still expect that works on this section will continue until around mid-March.

"We are continuing to liaise with stakeholders and partners throughout the safety works, and we’ll keep you informed when more information becomes available."