Wee ones at Pine Trees Nursery in Prestwick have been doing their bit to help the environment - by placing recycled containers filled with dog poo bags around the town.

The clever kids, aged between three to five, and staff members recycled milk cartons to place at key spots, such as Prestwick Oval and the beach.

A spokesperson for the nursery said: "Being outdoors within our local community takes place daily, regardless of the weather. 

Ayr Advertiser: The Pine Trees team in action

"Our Sunflower children aged 3-5 years are always on ‘dog poo’ patrol. The staff more recently have felt the need to take bags with them when on outings, particularly to Prestwick Oval and Prestwick Beach.

"Dog waste bins are available for dog owners to dispose of any waste. At times we have also had to shame some of the adults whilst out and about. "

Ayr Advertiser: The Pine Trees team in action

They added: "Due to this as part of our learning theme ‘Our Community’, our Sunflowers have produced dog poo containers for use by the community

"Containers are made from recycled milk cartons, and with the help of staff member Amy are clearly marked. These will be placed along some of our popular walking routes.

"Pine Trees staff and children encourage everyone to make use of these and would appreciate support maintaining them, if you see it empty, replace them, this will benefit everyone. 

"Well done to our Sunflower staff and children, making our community a better place to be."