Proposals have been lodged to improve safety in the grounds around Doonfoot Primary School in Ayr. 

South Ayrshire Council has submitted a planning application to make changes to the layout of the school's car park as well as make alterations to the flow of vehicles. 

It is proposed that the number of parking spaces for staff and visitors will increase to alleviate the issue of cars being parked on grass verges within the school grounds.

As part of the works, security fencing will also be erected to segregate the play areas from other parts of the grounds which visitors can access.

A new one-way system will be created to create a safer passage in and out of the school grounds. 

Planning documents state: "Currently, if a vehicle existing the site meets a vehicle entering the school, a bottleneck is created, and two vehicles struggle to pass each other.

"The proposed one-way system should create a safer route in and out of the school grounds, allowing traffic to flow."

New lighting will also be installed in the parking area and footpaths into the school, with no lighting currently existing. 

Planning documents add: "Doonfoot Primary School playground is currently open to the surrounding neighbourhood, with no means of preventing visitors accessing the external areas of the school.

"The proposal to erect fencing at strategic locations within the grounds will help to create a safer external play area for the pupils.

"The proposed fencing is the same that has been used for secure play areas around the school."

The plans will now be scrutinised by council planning officers, with a decision expected in the coming months. 

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