A MAN who raped a woman and assaulted another has been jailed for eight years.

Jordan Brown, 26, carried out the attacks at locations in Ayr and Glasgow.

Brown raped one of the women at a Travelodge in Glasgow city centre in June 2021.

Court papers state he pushed her on the body and pinned her down.

He then punched and slapped her on the head, seized her by the hair and compelled her to remove her clothing.

Brown went on to carry out the rape to her injury.

A separate charge says Brown uttered abusive remarks to the same woman at locations in Ayr.

It is stated that he forced access to her mobile phone using her finger.

Brown kept tabs on the woman's phone and repeatedly contacted her through calls and texts as well as via social media.

He went on to threaten to disclose an intimate video of her before doing so to others.

Brown made the woman believe that his associates were watching over her.

He also controlled the clothes she wore, attended uninvited at locations he knew she would be and demanded that she retract a police complaint made against him.

Brown was physically violent towards the woman which included seizing her throat as well as placing her in a headlock and striking her body to her injury.

Brown was earlier violent towards another woman at a property in Ayr between August 2018 and March 2019.

Court papers state Brown behaved in a threatening or abusive manner towards the woman which included punching and damaging doors.

Brown also assaulted her by sitting astride her, seized her by the neck and threw her against a wall.

He went on to shout, swear, uttered abusive remarks as well as threats of violence towards her.

Brown contacted her on social media and text messages as well as attend uninvited at her location.

Brown was further convicted of indecent communication with a third woman during January 2022.

He sent the victim messages of a sexual nature and videos of him engaging in a sexual act, and intentionally exposed his genitals to her.

Gareth Jones, defending, told a sentencing hearing at the High Court in Glasgow that his client accepted he behaved "very badly" to the victims.

The advocate told Judge Douglas Brown: "He does recognise poor behaviour on his part in relation to some of the offences he was convicted, of but not others.

"He is 26 now, and he was aged 20 to 24 during the time of the offending - I ask you to take account of his limited offending history.

"He has no record from previous sexual offending...this will be his first time in custody."

Onlookers in the public gallery gasped as Brown was handed an 11-year extended sentence, which includes eight years behind bars.

The judge said: "Due to the seriousness of this case, you will appreciate that the only appropriate sentence is prison.

"The effect on the rape victim was obvious from her evidence. She was terrified at the time.

"A message to her mother the next day shows she had never been so scared in her life.

"The crime of rape can have a detrimental long-lasting effect on the victim.

"Given the circumstances of the rape, it is likely that the victim will live with the effects of the case for a long time to come.

"You also subjected her to other forms of abusive behaviour which was described in the charge.

"Prior to this, you subjected the other woman to to various forms of obstructive behaviour.

"Her victim impact statement said this has had a massive impact on her and she will not be able to forget it."

Brown was also subjected to an indefinite non-harassment order against the rape victim.