An Ayr shop owner has announced that his shop will be closing this month- but it will no the end of things.

Lewis Costley, who owns Ocean Stores in the town’s Churchill Tower, announced the news via the shop's Facebook page.

The owner has always engrained himself in the community, helping out on various occasions to clean Ayr beach, and aiming to ditch plastic in the store.

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It has been announced that the shop will close on Sunday, February 25.

However, it's not all bad news, as Lewis added that they are "rebranding and relaunching a delivery-only online" service.

In a statement announcing the closure, it was added: "My life prior to Ocean Stores is not one I am too proud of and is something I have worked very hard to keep quiet.

"Anyone who remembers me as a teenager will tell you I am a born street hustler. I’ll let you use your imagination as to what a teenager may have been able to peddle in the streets.

"After a few close calls with the law, and many incidents I wish never to talk of again, I came to the realisation that this life of deceit and dishonesty was not the life for me.

"So I made the very tough decision, going against everything everyone else my ages was doing, to walk the straight and narrow.

"What a journey of many ups and many downs we have had over the years.

"I could never have predicted the global pandemic that was going to be so viciously hurled in our direction."

Ayr Advertiser: Lewis doing his bit for the town.Lewis doing his bit for the town. (Image: NQ Archive)

Lewis continued: "The world around us has changed so much in a short time. Costs have soared, pockets have shrunk and technology has cemented itself in every faucet of society.

"Taking all this into account we have decided to close Ocean Stores to the public from February 25, 2024.

"However there is a catch, we are not saying goodbye to you all just yet.

"Instead, we are rebranding and relaunching a delivery only online grocery service where we will still offer all the same amazing local products we do now.

"Between now and our closing date we will update you with every possible detail you need to know about our delivery service.

"So this is probably us signing off for the last ever time on the Ocean Stores page, so here goes.

"All the best to everyone and thank you so much for the support you have shown me over the years."