A Troon woman who was left partially blind after contracting an eye infection last year is holding a fund-raising pool night next week to raise funds for the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB).

Linda Lunan, 63, was left traumatised after almost losing her sight last year.

But she says the experience rekindled her love of playing pool, which dates back to her time working with the Ministry of Defence.

She said: "I got an infection in my eyeball last September and it was misdiagnosed at first.

"I had to make a decision overnight whether to go for a full operation, which could have made me lose my sight totally, or a secondary option, which was to get laser holes in my eyes.

"I chose the latter option and got one hole put in my left eye and 25 in my right.

"Now my left eye is fine, but the right is watery and affecting my vision."

Linda was devastated at the partial loss of her vision but, amazingly, the experience got her playing pool again.

She said: "I was a fanatic about pool, snooker and darts. I played at college, and when I worked for the MoD I used to play a lot of pool then too.

"I can't say I'm as good as I used to be after the eye operation, but at least I can play and enjoy the game again."

The fund-raiser will be held at the South Beach Hotel in Troon on Tuesday, February 20,  starting at 6pm.

Games will cost £2, with £1 being donated to the RNIB, and everyone will be made welcome.

For more information please contac: Linda on 07949 306421 or Elaine at the South Beach Hotel on 01292 312033.