A man who shouted and swore at staff and police after a row over luggage at Prestwick Airport ended up more badly hurt than the cops he attacked.

James Laird lost his temper after a row with airport staff over the size of his luggage – with his own lawyer admitting that it was “karma” that the 38-year-old ended up with the worst injuries.

Laird kicked off in the departure lounge by shouting and swearing an aggressive manner before lashing out by kicking a police officer on the body after being refused permission to board his plane.

Border security guards joined in to help police while armed air force responders watched the incident, which began on March 27 last year and continued into the early hours of the following day while Laird was in the company of another man.

Laird appeared for sentencing at Ayr Sheriff Court after pleading guilty to charges of threatening or abusive behaviour and police assault.

The procurator fiscal depute said: "Police on uniformed patrol saw the accused acting in an aggressive manner to a male staff member over his luggage size.

"Police witnesses requested that both men present their travel documents, and the accused began shouting and swearing at police. Another witness arrived to monitor the accused's behaviour. 

"Police witness then spoke to the accused, advising that due to his behaviour they were being refused travel.

“Both were annoyed and the accused began swearing at police witnesses, stating ‘f*** you’.

“He was informed he was under arrest and was seen to tense up. This caused police to struggle with the accused, causing them to take him to the ground.

"The accused tensed up his arms; in the struggle he then lashed out with his head and arms.

"UK Border Force officers on duty at the locus assisted police and remained in the area. The struggle was also witnessed by air force armed response officers, who arrived to assist.

"The accused was seen on camera trying to bite the left hand of an officer. He was seen putting his mouth onto it and the witness moving his hand away.

"Other police arrived and handcuffs were applied." 

Defence solicitor Glen Davies said: "I can reassure the court that Mr Laird appreciates the seriousness of the matter.

"He is 38 years of age, and has been in a relationship for 19 years.

“He has a very limited record and there are no other matters outstanding.”

Confirming that there were no children present to witness the incident, Mr Davies added: "By virtue of karma he ended up with the most significant injuries."

Sheriff Desmond Leslie said: "Well, this is not a good way to go about going on holiday."

Laird, of Seright Square, Crookedholm, Kilmarnock, was fined £520 in total, including a £20 payment to the Scottish Government’s victim surcharge fund.