A 'VIGILANTE' thug attacked his girlfriend's ex-partner and left a pensioner injured after barging into her Ayr home.

Luke Weir carried out the attack at a property in Whitletts almost two years ago over the man's abusive behaviour.

The 23-year-old admitted pushing his girlfriend's ex against a wall and seizing him by the neck in the incident at a property in James Brown Avenue on April 13, 2022.

He also admitted causing fear and alarm by entering the elderly woman's home uninvited and shouting.

The woman - the grandmother of the man Weir had assaulted - was injured in a struggle, with prosecutors telling the court she suffered a cut after cancer had weakened her skin.

A not guilty plea from a second accused, William Jamieson, had been accepted by prosecutors at an earlier court hearing, when Weir had pleaded guilty.

The fiscal depute said: “The witness was living in her home address with her grandson.

"At 6.30pm she heard a noise at the door and the accused entered looking for ‘Scott’.  

“She went to get him, and as he entered the front door recognised him as the partner of her grandson's ex.

“The accused barged in, grabbing him by the throat and pushing him back to the wall. 

“The witness tried to intervene to help her grandson, and her right arm was grabbed, causing a laceration.

“She shouted for him to leave, and he eventually did.  

“She made her way to her neighbour's home."

The court heard due to suffering cancer the struggle caused laceration to her skin.  

John Adams, defending, told the court immediately after Weir's guilty plea: "The accused deeply regrets the injuries caused.

“The complainer had briefly been in a relationship with Mr Weir's partner. This was described to him as abusive.

“After they separated the complainer did continue to call the young lady,. This last occurred some two days before.

“This resulted in him going to speak to the complainer."

Sheriff Turner told Weir: “This is a very serious matter which meets the custody threshold.

“This was clearly a planned incident, not occurring in the heat of the moment.

“It’s particularly concerning that you decided to get involved in some vigilante hero demonstration."

At the sentencing hearing, Sheriff Siobhan Connelly said: “This is a serious matter and clearly not how to be behaving regardless of background circumstances.

“I take account that it is your first offence. This allows me to deal with this today and give you a chance at rehabilitation and to make amends.”

Weir, of Armour Drive, Ayr, was placed on a structured deferred sentence order and told to engage with social workers.

He will return to court for a review of the order and for sentencing later in the year.