An Ayrshire woman put in an impressive performance as she came within seconds of winning a share of £90,000 on The Chase. 

Ariane Brown, 42, from Stewarton, reached the final chase against Paul Sinha but came up short alongside two teammates.

The surveying company administrator told host Bradley Walsh about her love of cinema and horror films.

Ariane admitted she would love to spoil her kids and take them to Alton Towers or Florida if she won any money on the show.

Ayr Advertiser:

The Stewarton native returned to her team with £3,000 following the cash builder after answering seven questions correctly but choosing to take a lower offer.

In the final chase, the three remaining teammates fought for a share of £90,000 but were caught by the chaser with 35 seconds remaining.

The full episode from Thursday, February 1 can be viewed on the STV Player.