Maidens Early Years Centre was given a five-star report after a recent visit from inspectors. 

Officials from the Care Inspectorate made an unannounced visit to the Shanter Road facility on December 6 last year.

The EYC has space for a maximum of 32 children and is operated by South Ayrshire Council as part of the Maidens Primary School campus.

The facility scored 'very good' on care, play and learning, setting, leadership and its staff team.

Praise was given for the nurturing care and support given to the children by staff.

The report said: "Children experienced nurturing care and support from a staff team who knew them very well.

"Staff were kind, caring and responsive towards the children, offering cuddles and reassurance when needed which ensured children's individual needs were met.

"Children were able to tell us who would help them if they needed support. Families described staff as caring and kind.

"As a result, children were settled, happy and experienced positive relationships with staff."

Inspectors also praised the facility itself, saying that children were using all areas of the playroom with great interest. 

The report continued: "The playroom was warm, welcoming, calm, and furnished to a high standard. Play equipment and resources were well maintained and the playroom was well-ventilated with plenty of natural light.

"The playroom was well laid out and organised into specific learning areas which children could access freely. Each area was inviting and interesting, providing children with a range of exciting opportunities for them to learn and develop their skills.

"Children used all areas within the playroom and staff ensured that areas were well equipped with age and stage-appropriate resources that sparked their interests and curiosity. This promoted a strong sense that children mattered."