An Ayrshire history lecturer has published a new novel taking a unique look at the rise and fall of the Third Reich.

Ayr's D. A. Panama is a history student with an in-depth knowledge of ancient and military history.

He has lectured on Mayan, Lenca and Pipil history in El Salvador and ancient history in Germany.

Having travelled extensively, he has now settled in Ayrshire to enjoy the quiet life and write.

Discussing his new book An Immaculate Illusion, Don said: "The truth of the Third Reich is that it was a horror of mediocrity and inefficiency.

"Far from being a model of totalitarian efficiency, it was never anything more than a group of rather brainless thugs astonished at being able to get their own way for so long.

"My book charts the lives, deaths and various misfortunes of those concerned with the inner circle of Adolf Hitler in a manner which is, I think, different from the norm and certainly points out truths which, as far as I am aware, have never been published."

The author added: "I do not believe that it is common knowledge that Heinrich Himmler was not in any way the creator of the SS. Nor do I believe that too many people are aware that the SS was created by Hitler’s intimate friend at the time, a certain Emil Maurice.

"It was Emil Maurice who came up with the idea and it was Maurice who wrote down the protocols, etiquette of behaviour and rules pertaining to racial purity for the SS.

"Emil Maurice ranked as number two behind Hitler himself on the SS honours list and Emil Maurice was a Jew. A fact very well known by Hitler who protected him, and other Jews, throughout his life.

"Were it not such a monstrous atrocity, the hypocrisy and ethical emptiness of Hitler and his ilk would provoke nothing more than shrieks of laughter at the man's total absurdity.”

An Immaculate Illusion is available to pre-order online.