A local funeral director is warning people of scammers sending false links to live viewings.

Wilson & Drury Funeral Service, which has premises in Cumnock, Mauchline and Dalmellington, has been made aware that fraudsters are using public information to try and con people.

It is claimed that scammers are using information from intimation pages and sending false links to live viewings of funerals that have been requested by families.

Wilson & Drury are urging anyone who receives a link to check its authenticity.

A spokesperson for the company said: "It appears that it is the case that scammers are using public details which can be found on our intimation pages which are requested by our families during the course of arrangements.

"Occasionally, we are requested by the families to arrange live viewings and recordings of a service. In this case, a link is provided by obitus or Wesley who oversee all requests for music and media services.

"If you are not aware of an official link and are requested to join a streaming service within an hour or so of the funeral service and you are NOT aware of any official streaming services, then we would advise you try to determine if this is a genuine invitation before proceeding as this may be a scam."

They added: "All genuine streaming services can be confirmed by our office.

"These profiles are well prepared and convincingly show pictures and details of the person who passed away.

"Please note any intimation Wilson & Drury share is on this page only and will not in any other way, we only use images and details approved by families to post on our Facebook page.

"Regrettably, we are unable to prevent future upcoming services also becoming victims to such activities, we recommend you report such posts."