A provisional driver repeatedly reversed into another vehicle in the centre of Ayr while high on drugs – and then claimed he believed he was being chased.

James Joseph Kerr was nearly double the safe driving limit for cannabis while at the wheel earlier this year.

The 26-year-old pleaded guilty at the town’s sheriff court to driving carelessly by failing to maintain proper observation when pulling out of a side street, causing another driver to take evasive action.

The procurator fiscal depute said: “At 1.15pm the witness was travelling in the west direction in the High Street.  

“Exiting a side road was the accused’s motor vehicle. The witness took evasive action, using their horn, and both continued down the High Street.  

“During the time the traffic light was green, the accused put his vehicle into reverse, driving backwards towards the witness.

“He then went forward and reversed again, striking the car’s bumper.”

Both vehicles then turned into the Sandgate, with the witness contacting police – while other witnesses also provided information to officers about the accused.

The prosecutor continued: “Police attended and he admitted he was driving and possessed the keys to the vehicle.

“Police carried out checks as the accused smelled strongly of cannabis. They noted he was a provisional licence holder and had failed to display L plates.”

Kerr provided a blood sample to police which gave a reading of 3.8 microgrammes of ‘delta-9 tetrahydrocannabidol’ – almost double the two-microgram limit.

He was given an undertaking to appear in court.

Defence solicitor John Gallagher said: “He has no previous convictions. He was a provisional licence holder. 

"The vehicle behind him took exception to his careless flashing of lights, then he effectively drove to his friend’s house.

“It is his position that they were effectively pursuing him. 

“The substance is one he had used recreationally, but had not taken on that occasion."  

Sheriff Desmond Leslie fined Kerr, of Afton Avenue, Mossblown, £740 in total, including a payment to the government’s victim surcharge fund, while the provisional licence holder was also banned from driving.