A national government meeting has been held about the future of the fire-hit Ayr Station Hotel.

South Scotland MSP Carol Mochan hosted a roundtable meeting in the Scottish Parliament, as community campaigners, local politicians, architects, and conservationists came together for a discussion on the future of Ayr’s B-listed and fire-damaged building.

Those present included half a dozen Members of the Scottish Parliament representing local constituencies and the Scotland region, several architectural practices, a representative of the ‘Save Britain’s Heritage’ group, as well as representatives of the Ayr Station Hotel Community Action Group, and the Ayr to Stranraer Line Community Group.

Initial discussions at the roundtable were about the present situation of the building following the devastating fire which took hold over a period of days in late September.

These discussions were followed by attendees putting forward their views on the long term future options for the building and the surrounding streets.

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After the meeting, Ms Mochan said: “The roundtable facilitated a much-needed dialogue between community activists, conservation groups and local politicians about the future of the hotel.

"Whilst everyone in attendance understands the future of the hotel is far from guaranteed it is important that all options are considered.

“The issue of the hotel has gone on long enough and it is having a detrimental impact on businesses in Ayr as well as people using the railway to and from the town.

"I, like everyone else at the meeting, want to see Ayr flourish – so we need clear action from the council and a positive vision for the site.

“Leaving the meeting I feel we were united in our aims to resolve the situation facing the future of the hotel and to find a solution that ensures safety and viability are paramount.

"No one wants to see the site left to rot as it has been for some time now.”