Brian Whittle MSP has pledged his support to Pancreatic Cancer UK’s campaign to reverse low treatment rates for the disease.

According to recent NHS data, currently seven in 10 people receive no treatment at all.

Through its ‘Don’t Write Me Off’ campaign, the charity is urging the Scottish Government to fund a new, faster and fairer pathway to give all patients the best chance of survival and quality of life.

At an event in Holyrood on Thursday, November 2, Mr Whittle heard how pancreatic cancer currently has the lowest treatment rate (34 per cent) of any common cancer - comparing poorly with treatment rates for breast (86 per cent), bowel (74 per cent) and lung (56 per cent) cancers.

Just 10 per cent of those diagnosed with the disease receive surgery - the only potentially curative treatment.

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More than half of people with pancreatic cancer die within three months of diagnosis.

Around 900 people are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in Scotland every year.

South Scotland MSP Mr Whittle said: “For people affected by pancreatic cancer the impact of the tremendous pressures on the NHS can be heart-breaking.  

“Time is truly of the essence with this devastating disease.

"Yet, while we have seen significant improvements in the diagnosis, treatment and awareness of many cancers, progress on pancreatic cancer has been unacceptably slow.  

“I want to see government and services across the country act now to transform survival for this devastating disease and hope everyone in South Scotland will join me in backing this campaign.”

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